The Park Ridge service apartments are nothing short of a dreamland. They have been fashioned to provide a mixture of convenience, hospitality and tranquility. Strategically located on the Expressway, in the heart of Murree, thus, forming a dual side elevation. It orchestrates into a land of ease where intrigue is in the air owing to the clean atmosphere and picturesque beauty. Engulfed in charisma, Park Ridge apartments are a relaxing and accessible trendsetter for future housing societies.

Signing With joins hands with Park Ridge, a high-end Luxury Serviced Apartment Project by SAASONS Developers, located on Murree Expressway next to Second Cup and featuring fine dining brands like Monal Restaurant and Asian Wok. Mr. Luqman Ali Afzal (CEO Monal), Mr. Shaukat Ali Abbasi (CEO Saasons), Mr. Asnad Shaukat (Director Saasons) and Mr. Mehtab Shaukat (Director Saasons) were present at the Contract Signing Ceremony of Exlusive Sales and Marketing of Park Ridge by

We take immense pride in sharing this news with our clients and people who will be associated with us in the future that SAASONS Developers has signed an MOU with The Monal Restaurant and Asian Wok to open up their branches at Park Ridge on Main Murree Expressway. Assuring once again that all the best possible services will be provided to our guests and families at Park Ridge.

The Need

The driving force behind Saasons are the needs of the people for whom we provide accessibility, reassurance and dynamic environment with an emphasis on functional and resourceful design. Having garnered the trust of the people, we are venturing into upscale projects where we bring our expertise to implement our proven strategies and techniques to pave a new way of living a comfortable, convenient and high quality life.

Architect’s Note

The concept is to frame the surrounding serene view to and from the building with a welcoming central courtyard which forms a well-lit and airy atrium. Providentially, the site is located on the ridge in between expressway with the ideal location that gives us challenge to form dual side elevation which turns out to be the prime focus between Islamabad and Murree. Building façade entails spacious and private balconies with exceptional panoramic surrounding hill views. Apartments are designed in a way to be used as permanent as well as vacation rentals. The building design is comprised of 2 bed, 1 bed and studio apartments which would run as service apartments with secluded elevators, spas, underground parking and restaurants. Ground floor is designed specifically for commercial purposes with restaurants, cafés and food courts for the travellers, tourists and visitors passing by.